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When a Texas pulmonologist implemented CareVoyant practice management software, from CareVoyant, Inc., he and his office Director quickly realized that their highly effective IT infrastructure & skilled staff was a valuable combination. Together they founded ESHA Medical Billing Specialists, Inc. and, through word of mouth, began marketing their services to the local medical community. Several years and 15 group practices later, ESHA today bills for a wide variety of specialties, has added outpatient scheduling to its services offering and is preparing to provide an integrated, handheld CareVoyant EMR for its physician clients.

Based in Fort Worth, TX, ESHA Medical Billing Specialists provides billing, scheduling, IT and management services for a wide variety of

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medical practices — mostly in the Fort Worth region. For some clients, ESHA also provides comprehensive application hosting services. For these clients, ESHA IT and billing staff leverage their CareVoyant experience to maintain separate CareVoyant databases that clients access through the Internet.

From several locations, ESHA’s staff of twenty-four — in addition to one local and one out-of-state medical group — enter schedule, demographic and billing information into simple & easy to navigate CareVoyant screens. Due to its configuration, the system automatically recognizes rate structures & billing formats based upon patient, provider and insurance plan information. With minimal additional effort, CareVoyant generates compliant electronic and paper claims specifically for ESHA’s various Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance payers.

Billing Workflow

CareVoyant has improved ESHA’s billing workflow through a set of configured cross reference tables which are central to the system’s design. Based on information entered by ESHA and CareVoyant staff during implementation, the CareVoyant rules engine automatically generates applicable charges and billing formats for a wide variety of providers, procedures, patients & payers — including multiple payer plans. By simply entering demographic and visit information into CareVoyant, ESHA’s staff of 24 efficiently process claims and generate reports for 15 group practices.

CareVoyant’ rules-based billing logic also features edit checks that ensure insurance claims are compliant with complex CMS, HIPAA and managed care billing requirements. These CareVoyant features — which improve billing accuracy and speed collections by catching errors before claims are submitted — are key components of ESHA’s value proposition to its physician clients.

Enterprise Architecture

"CareVoyant makes it easy to create and configure new client databases with procedure code, charge, payer and other provider-specific information," stated Debbie Kidwell, Director of ESHA. "Software upgrades & maintenance are also much more affordable with CareVoyant — and generating reports is simple compared to our UNIX system."

CareVoyant enables ESHA to efficiently manage multiple clients, facilities, services and providers with minimal IT intervention. The systems’ security features and Microsoft Windows/SQL Server technology control user access to ESHA’s multiple client databases all the way down to the field level. CareVoyant also generates a large collection of standard management reports. Reporting includes provider and practice level clinical, financial and administrative summaries that produce a detailed audit trail designed to help integrate CareVoyant accounts receivable with practices’ financial accounting systems.


For a lower total cost of ownership, ESHA has upgraded from UNIX to Windows, automated billing workflow and prepared for HIPAA compliance. ESHA has also developed a scalable infrastructure capable of supporting higher billing volumes, new professional services and additional clients.

Solution Overview - Client Profile
A professional services company affiliated with a Fort Worth medical practice, ESHA Medical Billing Specialists provides financial, scheduling, reporting & IT services for a wide range of physician groups. ESHA also offers physician practices application hosting services that enable office staff to access separate CareVoyant servers maintained by ESHA IT staff.

Business Situation
ESHA’s previous, UNIX based practice management software was difficult to configure for multiple practices, provider numbers and specialties. The system’s proprietary database lacked reporting flexibility and software maintenance, support and upgrade fees were prohibitively expensive — especially considering the company’s business model.

Business Solution
ESHA implemented CareVoyant practice management software, from CareVoyant, Inc. CareVoyant performs scheduling, billing, accounts receivable and reporting functions for an affiliated pulmonary & sleep disorder practice — as well as for ESHA’s medical clients. Based on Microsoft Windows 2000/SQL Server 2000 technology, clients access CareVoyant servers remotely using Citrix MetaFrame.

Specialties Served
- Pulmonology
- Orthopedics
- Cardiology
- Infectious Diseases
- Family Medicine
- Internal Medicine
- Psychiatry
- Neurology
- Sub Specialties
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