Complete and comprehensive Medical Billing Software
for Billing Services or Healthcare Providers

CareVoyant Medical Billing Software is a complete and comprehensive billing solution for Billing Services or other healthcare providers providing unique healthcare services, including DME. CareVoyant Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable software solution is an integrated healthcare billing engine capable of meeting disparate billing requirements for multiple payers across multiple lines of service. CareVoyant can bill using UB, 1500, Invoices or Statements. For Medical Billing Services, CareVoyant offers the tools and flexibility to deliver comprehensive billing software solutions for Home Care Agencies, Outpatient Therapy Clinics, Behavioral Health Clinics, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers and Long Term Care providers.

Billing & Accounts Receivable

CareVoyant Billing and Accounts Receivable is a complete and comprehensive billing engine designed to manage disparate payer requirements (Medicaid, Insurance, Private Pay) for Billing Service and healthcare providers. CareVoyant provides effective revenue cycle management by integrating intake, eligibility verification, authorization, claims/statements management, electronic remittance and collections in a single seamless solution.

CareVoyant Claims Scrubber and user definable claim validations, along with the claim management functions, enable Billing Services and healthcare providers to send clean claims and reduce collection time and efforts. Customizable claim and invoice formats will enable Billing Services and healthcare providers to meet various format requirements from insurances, managed care companies and county waiver programs.

CareVoyant Electronic Remittance Notice (ERN) module enables Billing Service and healthcare providers to receive electronic remittance advice from intermediaries in ANSI 835 format and post payments automatically. ERN function allows facilities to review imported payments before posting them to patient accounts. ERN saves Coordination of Benefits information for the claims — enabling CareVoyant to send secondary claims electronically.

Collection Management Module provides Billing Services and healthcare providers the tools to identify and manage overdue claims and accounts. Collections Module automatically assigns qualifying claims and accounts to collections status based on a pre-defined schedule and other criteria. Claims and account information can be accessed from the Collection Manager, enabling the collector to complete the process in one screen. Activities can be created and managed for each claim and account from Collection Manager.

CareVoyant Financial Reports and Dashboards will enable Billing Services and healthcare providers to analyze the financial performance.

General Ledger Interface functions will allow Billing Service and healthcare providers to upload account receivable transactions to accounting software like GP Dynamics, Quick Books.

Using Billing and Accounts Receivable Functions, you can:

  • Integrate Billing and Accounts Receivable functions with patient registration, eligibility verification, authorization, and collections.
  • Bring Billing and Accounts Receivable functions together for multiple lines of business.
  • Send a single statement for patients receiving services from multiple programs.
  • Control your data by adding your own payers and maintaining your own fee schedules by payer (Insurance Plan)
  • Maintain unlimited plans per patient.
  • Verify eligibility in real time or batch mode using ANSI 270/271 formats
  • Bill for Medicaid, Insurances, Manage Care companies or county waiver programs
  • Handle UB04 and 1500 requirements together.
  • Handle electronic (ANSI 837) and paper formats.
  • Adjust claim formats to meet insurance plan requirements.
  • Use Claims Scrubber to identify and correct claim errors before sending the claims
  • Correct claim errors during claims processing
  • Add custom claim edits to meet unique billing requirements for Private Duty Nursing
  • Automatically generate of secondary claims.
  • Use statement functions manage private pay patients
  • Use ERN functions to electronically import insurance payments.
  • Use Collections Manager streamline and mange claims and accounts collections
  • Use GL Interface to send account receivables information to General Ledger
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