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  • ▸ Your Single System of Record for Multiple Lines of Service
  • ▸ Single Patient and Employee Record across all Lines of Service
  • ▸ Outpatient Therapy, Mental Health, Medical Billing
  • ▸ Bring Operational Efficiency through Real-Time Exception based Management Tools
  • ▸ Mobile Solutions for Point of Care and EVV
  • ▸ The Solution your Administrative, Clinical and Financial Staff can agree on.

CareVoyant for Outpatient is a complete and comprehensive Cloud-based integrated outpatient software that is specifically designed for providing multiples lines of outpatient services – Outpatient Therapy, Behavioral Health, or any other outpatient services. CareVoyant functions - Intake, Scheduling, Clinical, Financial, Messaging, Notification, Reporting and Dashboard – streamline workflow, meet comprehensive regulatory requirements, improve quality of care, optimize reimbursement, and bring operational efficiency to your practice. CareVoyant for Outpatient can handle Outpatient Therapy, Behavioral Health, or any other outpatient services under one Software to meet the challenges of a changing and complex health care environment.

Clinical and Point of Care

CareVoyant Clinical Functions for Outpatient Clinics – Therapy, Behavioral Health - provides the ease of use and all the information a clinician needs to complete the documentation at the point of care.

CareVoyant enables the therapists to improve productivity and quality of care by providing access to clinical information across multiple admissions and lines of service. CareVoyant clinical functions makes the transition painless and straight forward by providing the ability to migrate current clinical practices and forms into CareVoyant.

CareVoyant clinical functions are tightly integrated with intake, order entry, care plan, outpatient scheduling, and billing eliminating redundant data entry. CareVoyant includes a Clinical Engine with tools to customize standard documentation by discipline and type of visit. An Assessment Builder allows home care agencies to develop clinical documentation forms — from the bottom-up — within CareVoyant.

Using Clinical Functions, you can:

  • Use integrated Briggs forms for documentation.
  • Integrate clinical functions with patient registration, outpatient scheduling, and billing
  • Use Hub Page to display all scheduled patients and access patient clinical information (Clinical Summary, Care Plan Etc.)
  • Collect, view and manage clinical records across multiple admissions or lines of business.
  • Validate clinical note for accuracy and completeness.
  • Customize clinical process by discipline and reason for the visit
  • Create progress notes for all disciplines
  • View and manage clinical notes using Clinical Notes Manager.
  • Use Text Builder to maintain a library of frequently used phrases for use in order entry, care plan and clinical notes. Use Spell Check for text fields in order entry, care plan and clinical notes.
  • Document at Point Of Care using tablets.
  • Use Events & Alerts to track unsigned clinical notes.

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