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  • ▸ Your Single System of Record for Multiple Lines of Service
  • ▸ Single Patient and Employee Record across all Lines of Service
  • ▸ Home Care, Home Health, Private Duty Nursing, Non-Medical, Therapy
  • ▸ Bring Operational Efficiency through Real-Time Exception based Management Tools
  • ▸ Mobile Solutions for Point of Care and EVV
  • ▸ The Solution your Administrative, Clinical and Financial Staff can agree on.

CareVoyant for Home Care Continuum is a complete and comprehensive Cloud-based integrated home care software that is specifically designed for providing multiple lines of home care services – Private Duty Nursing, Private Duty Home Care, Pediatric Home Care, or Home Health. CareVoyant functions - Intake, Scheduling, Clinical, Financial, Messaging, Notification, Reporting and Dashboard – streamline workflow, meet comprehensive regulatory requirements, improve quality of care, optimize reimbursement, and bring operational efficiency to your agency. CareVoyant for Home Care can handle Private Duty Nursing, Private Duty Home Care, Home Health, and Pediatric Home Care under one Software to meet the challenges of a changing and complex home care environment.

Intake Admission

CareVoyant Intake and Admission functions enable Home Care agencies – Private Duty Nursing, Non-Medical/Personal Care, Home Health - to establish a single patient record for one or multiple lines of service and for multiple episodes of care. CareVoyant’s single patient record gives organizations the ability to consolidate all the clinical and financial records for a patient across their lines of services. The consolidation of all patient information – including demographic, insurance, personal/professional contacts, diagnosis, clinical and billing – that is collected at admission and throughout the length of care eliminates redundant data entry as the patient moves through the delivery of care under one program or across multiple lines of service.

Using our Revenue Cycle Management Partners, you can check patient eligibility in real-time or in a batch mode for multiple patients directly from CareVoyant. Checking eligibility at admission without leaving CareVoyant will streamline your intake process. Checking eligibility for a group of patients in a batch mode will ensure ongoing eligibility for patients. A standard event will alert you of any missing patient information or payer changes enabling your staff to proactively correct the records reducing reimbursement time and staff workload.

Using Intake/Admission functions, you can:

  • Establish a single patient record to consolidate all patient information
  • Establish unlimited number of insurance coverages
  • Maintain unlimited number of personal and professional contacts.
  • The ability to manage Insurance Authorizations
  • Maintain multiple admission records for a patient to track historical clinical and financial records for each admission.
  • Use multiple concurrent admission records to maintain clinical and financial records for services provided through different lines of service.
  • Maintain unlimited number of diagnosis codes for each admission
  • Use user-definable face sheets.
  • Verify eligibility in real-time or in a batch mode.
  • Scan and attach photos and other documents to patient records
  • Link multiple authorization records to an admission
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