Outpatient Software

  • ▸ Your Single System of Record for Multiple Lines of Service
  • ▸ Single Patient and Employee Record across all Lines of Service
  • ▸ Outpatient Therapy, Mental Health, Medical Billing
  • ▸ Bring Operational Efficiency through Real-Time Exception based Management Tools
  • ▸ Mobile Solutions for Point of Care and EVV
  • ▸ The Solution your Administrative, Clinical and Financial Staff can agree on.

CareVoyant for Outpatient is a complete and comprehensive Cloud-based integrated outpatient software that is specifically designed for providing multiples lines of outpatient services – Outpatient Therapy, Behavioral Health, or any other outpatient services. CareVoyant functions - Intake, Scheduling, Clinical, Financial, Messaging, Notification, Reporting and Dashboard – streamline workflow, meet comprehensive regulatory requirements, improve quality of care, optimize reimbursement, and bring operational efficiency to your practice. CareVoyant for Outpatient can handle Outpatient Therapy, Behavioral Health, or any other outpatient services under one Software to meet the challenges of a changing and complex health care environment.

Solution Highlights


Intake Admission

  • Establish a Single Patient Record for one or multiple lines of service – Outpatient Therapy, Behavioral Health, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers, Other Outpatient Services .
  • Multiple admission records for a patient to track historical clinical and financial information.
  • Link multiple authorization records to an admission.
  • Consolidate all the patient’s clinical and financial records under one patient record for their lines of services.
  • No redundant data entry.


Service Authorization

  • Manage Insurance, Medicaid or Managed Care Pre-Authorizations.
  • Establish authorized visits by discipline.
  • Authorization Manager to manage expiring authorizations.
  • Integrate authorization with scheduling to manage discrepancies between authorized and scheduled visits.



  • Color coded multiple Views (Patient and Therapist) to view and manage schedules.
  • Schedules are integrated with Authorizations, Clinical and billing ensuring compliance
  • Create schedules using templates attached to authorizations.
  • Recurring functions to create and manage recurring schedules.
  • Batch texting to send schedule reminders to patients and therapists


Clinical & Point of Care

  • Integrate clinical functions with patient registration, outpatient scheduling, and billing.
  • Provide all the information needed at Point of Care.
  • Validate clinical note for accuracy and completeness.
  • Use Hub Page to display all scheduled patients and access patient clinical information (Clinical Summary, Care Plan Etc.)
  • Customize clinical process by discipline and reason for visit.
  • Improve productivity & ease of use
  • Allow documentation using an Android Tablet, iPad or Windows Tablet or Laptop


Billing & Accounts Receivable

  • Integrate Billing and Accounts Receivable functions with patient registration, eligibility verification, authorization, scheduling and collections
  • Verify eligibility in real-time or batch mode using ANSI 270/271 formats
  • Bill for Medicaid, Insurances, Manage Care companies or county waiver programs
  • Handle UB04 and 1500 requirements together.
  • Handle electronic (ANSI 837) and paper formats.
  • Use Claims Scrubber to identify and correct claim errors before sending the claims
  • Correct claim errors during claims processing
  • Automatically generate of secondary claims.
  • Use ERN functions to electronically import insurance payments.
  • Use Collections Manager streamline and mange claims and accounts collections


Events & Alerts

  • Enables proactive detection, notification and management of events & exceptions
  • Examples of Events: New Admission, Patient Discharge, Expiring or Expired Authorizations, Missed Shifts/Visits, etc.
  • Provides data entry alerts through instant Alerts
  • Schedule Events to run at predetermined time



  • Includes robust library of Clinical, Financial, Scheduling, and Census reports to meet reporting requirements
  • Ability to assign reports by User or User Role
  • Enables agencies to schedule reports to run and be delivered to selected users, patients, and field staff
  • Ability to save reports as a PDF, CSV, Excel, TIFF or XML files
  • Provides virtually unlimited reporting options with the ability to modify existing reports ore create new reports



  • Proactively monitor key performance indicators by organizing information charts in one screen
  • Group and assign charts as dashboards by User or User Role
  • Allows agencies to view key metrics in timely manner and take corrective action
  • Ability to create agency defined Dashboards


CV Message Center

  • HIPAA compliant internal messaging application for internal communications
  • Provide one common area to view all communications and alerts
  • Ability to send messages to CareVoyant users, Patients and Employees
  • Send alerts from Scheduling, Events & Alerts, and Report Scheduler to Employee’s and Patient’s Inbox


Family Portal

  • Provide patients and families convenient, secure and HIPAA compliant 24-hour access to Demographic, Schedule and Personal Health Information
  • Allow patient family ability to send and receive messages through HIPAA compliant CV Secure Messaging
  • Improve communication with Patients and Families
  • Ability to link one or more patients to a login

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