Private Duty Nursing Home Care – Non-Medical

  • ▸ Efficient hourly scheduling with shift offer management for Private Duty Non-Medical/Personal Care
  • ▸ Authorization integrated with scheduling and billing for compliance
  • ▸ GPS based EVV options with CV Mobile and/or CV Telephony
  • ▸ Capture time and document tasks at point of care based on Aide Care Plan
  • ▸ Medicaid, Insurance and Private Pay Billing
  • ▸ Handle additional lines of service – Private Duty Nursing, Home Health

CareVoyant is a specifically designed software for Private Duty Non-Medical Personal Care agencies that can also handle Private Duty Nursing and Home Health under ONE Patient, Employee Record making it the Single System of Record for home care agencies. CareVoyant functions – Intake, Scheduling, Clinical, Financial, Messages, Notification, Reports and Dashboards – streamline workflow, meet comprehensive regulatory requirements, improve quality of care, optimize reimbursement, and bring operational efficiency to your agency.

Solution Highlights


Intake Admission

  • Set up a Single Patient Record for multiple lines of service – Private Duty Non-Medical/Personal Care, PDN, Home Health.
  • Establish multiple admission records for a patient to track historical clinical and financial information.
  • Option to scan and attach photos and other documents to patient records.
  • Establish multiple authorization records for an admission.
  • Patient’s clinical and financial records are kept under one patient record for their lines of services.
  • Reduce redundant data entry.


Service Authorization

  • Set up Insurance Authorization for the Plan in addition to the physician Plan of Care.
  • Manage Insurance, Medicaid or Managed Care Service Authorizations.
  • Link scheduling, clinical and billing to Service Authorization & Plan of Care.
  • Validate scheduled against authorizations.
  • Use schedule templates to create schedules from the authorization.



  • Integrated with Authorizations and billing ensuring compliance
  • Manage Schedules by Hour, Shift, or Visit
  • Use Color Coded Schedules, Patient and Employee views manage Schedules.
  • Manage Split Shifts, Shift Differentials and Overtime.
  • Match Patients to Employees based on distance and other criteria.
  • Improve scheduling efficiency through visit offer management
  • Ability to enter and track licenses for employees


Clinical & Point of Care

  • Integrated with Intake, Order Entry, Care Plan, Scheduling & Billing.
  • Provide all the information needed at Point of Care.
  • Complete initial assessments and create Plan of Care from assessments.
  • Use Briggs forms or allows agencies to bring in their own Assessments & Forms
  • Allow documentation using an Android Tablet, iPad or Windows Tablet or Laptop


CareVoyant Mobile

  • Clock In, Clock Out and Document services provided
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) using GPS or NFC.
  • Integrated with Aide Care Plan, Scheduling, Billing & Payroll
  • Be compliant with established Aide Care Plan.
  • Capture Patient and Employee signatures.
  • Use Real Time Schedule Monitor to monitor shifts/visits in real-time.


CareVoyant Telephony

  • Integrated with Aide Care Plan, Scheduling, Clinical Notes, Billing & Payroll
  • Use Telephony when connection is limited.
  • Clock in, Clock out and document services provided with EVV
  • Enables agencies to monitor shifts/visits in real-time


CV Miles

  • Calculate travel miles & time during verification.
  • Select employees based on distance from patent’s home or previous shift optimizing travel expenses
  • Use Real Time Schedule Monitor to locate employees when the schedules do not start on time.


Schedule Monitor

  • Monitor missed shifts and exceptions in real-time
  • Late Start, GPS Mismatch, Late End, and Missed Tasks Alerts
  • Locate the employee when employee is late for a shift and proactively notify the patient
  • View shift documentation when shift is in progress


Billing & Accounts Receivable

  • Provides effective revenue cycle management
  • Allows agencies to meet disparate billing requirements for Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance and Private Pay
  • Ability to create claims in 1500, UB04, or Paper Invoice format
  • Use claim scrubber to send clean claims and reduce collection time & efforts
  • Receive ERN from intermediaries and post payments automatically
  • Ability to identify and manage overdue claims and accounts
  • Robust financial reporting and dashboards to analyze financial performance


CV Message Center

  • HIPAA compliant messaging application for internal communications
  • One common area to view all communications and alerts
  • Alerts from Scheduling, Events & Alerts, and Report Scheduler to Employee’s and Patient’s Inbox
  • Send messages to CareVoyant users, Patients and Employees


Family Portal

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant access to Demographic, Schedule and Personal Health Information to patients and families
  • Patient family can send and receive messages through HIPAA compliant CV Secure Messaging
  • Improved communication with Patients and Families
  • Multiple patients can be linked to a login


Employee Portal

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant access to Schedules, Shift Offers, Available Shifts, and Demographic Information
  • Field Staff can securely communicate with other CareVoyant users or Patients
  • Field Staff can view Schedules, Demographic Information, and Licenses
  • Field Staff can view Shift Offers and Available Shifts before accepting the Offer or Applying for shifts
  • Access the portal on any smart phone (iOS, Android)


Events & Alerts

  • Proactive detection, notification and management of events & exceptions
  • Examples of Events: New Admission, Patient Discharge, Expiring or Expired Authorizations, Missed Shifts/Visits, etc.
  • Schedule Events to run at predetermined time



  • Robust library of Clinical, Financial, Scheduling, and Census reports to meet reporting requirements
  • Agencies can schedule reports to run and be delivered to selected users, patients, and field staff
  • Assign reports by User or User Role
  • Save reports as a PDF, CSV, Excel, TIFF or XML files
  • Virtually unlimited reporting options with the ability to modify existing reports ore create new reports



  • Proactively monitor key performance indicators by organizing information charts in one screen
  • Group and assign charts as dashboards by User or User Role
  • Agencies can view key metrics in timely manner and take corrective action
  • Option to create agency defined Dashboards

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