Private Duty Nursing Home Care – Skilled

  • ▸ Most advanced shift-based scheduling for Private Duty Nursing
  • ▸ Continuous Care Documentation with Electronic Care Flow Sheets
  • ▸ eMAR, eTAR, Ventilator, Seizure, Intake, Output Flow Sheets and more
  • ▸ Authorization integrated with scheduling and billing for compliance
  • ▸ Medicaid, Insurance and Private Pay Billing
  • ▸ Handle additional lines of service – Private Duty Non-Medical, Personal Care, Home Health

CareVoyant is a specifically designed software for Private Duty Nursing Home Care agencies that can also handle Non-Medical and Home Health under ONE Patient, Employee Record making it the Single System of Record for home care agencies. CareVoyant functions – Intake, Scheduling, Clinical, Financial, Messages, Notification, Reports and Dashboards – streamline workflow, meet comprehensive regulatory requirements, improve quality of care, optimize reimbursement, and bring operational efficiency to your agency.

Solution Highlights


Intake Admission

  • Establish a Single Patient Record for one or multiple lines of service – Private Duty Nursing, Non-Medical, Personal Care, Home Health.
  • Consolidate all the patient’s clinical and financial records under one patient record for their lines of services.
  • Multiple admission records for a patient to track historical clinical and financial information.
  • Link multiple authorization records to an admission.
  • Scan and attach photos and other documents to patient records
  • No redundant data entry


Service Authorization

  • Manage Insurance, Medicaid or Managed Care Service Authorizations.
  • Establish Insurance Authorization for the Plan in addition to the physician Plan of Care.
  • Service Authorization & Plan of Care are linked to Scheduling, Clinical and Billing.
  • Prevent scheduling outside of Authorizations.
  • Establish schedule templates to create schedules from the authorization.



  • Schedules are integrated with Authorizations and billing ensuring compliance
  • Color Coded Schedules, Patient and Employee views manage Schedules.
  • Create and manage Schedules by Hour, Shift, or Visit
  • Manage Split Shifts, Shift Differentials and Overtime.
  • Match Patient to appropriate Field Employee
  • Improve scheduling efficiency through shift offer management
  • Manage and track licenses for employees


Clinical & Point of Care

  • Integrated with Intake, Order Entry, Care Plan, Scheduling & Billing.
  • Provide all the information needed at Point of Care.
  • Improve productivity & ease of use
  • Document Medication Administration (eMAR) and Treatment Administration (eTAR).
  • Document continuous care Using Electronic Care Flow Sheet
  • Provide Alerts to document on Measurements, such as Vent Settings, Seizure Observation Logs, etc.
  • Use Briggs forms or allows agencies to bring in their own Assessments & Forms
  • Allow documentation using an Android Tablet, iPad or Windows Tablet or Laptop


CareVoyant Mobile

  • Streamline Aides/Personal Care delivery to Patients.
  • Integrated with Aide Care Plan, Scheduling, Clinical Notes, Billing & Payroll
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) using GPS or NFC
  • Clock In, Clock Out and Document services provided
  • Captures Patient and Employee signatures
  • Monitor shifts/visits in real-time and manage missed visits.


CareVoyant Telephony

  • Use Telephony to document services provided.
  • Integrated with Aide Care Plan, Scheduling, Clinical Notes, Billing & Payroll
  • Efficient EVV system, allowing for clock in, clock out and documenting services provided
  • Enables agencies to monitor shifts/visits in real-time


CV Miles

  • Automatically calculate travel miles & time
  • Optimizes travel expenses by scheduling employees to patients based on distance from home or previous shift/visit
  • Locate employees in Real Time Schedule Monitor when the schedules do not start on time


Schedule Monitor

  • Monitors shifts/visits & exceptions in real-time
  • Alerts office to staff to Late Start, GPS Mismatch, Late End, Missed Tasks, etc
  • Ability to locate the employee when employee is late for a shift/visit and proactively notify the patient
  • Allows for viewing employees documentation during a shift/visit


Billing & Accounts Receivable

  • Allows agencies to manage disparate billing requirements for Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance and Private Pay
  • Ability to create claims in 1500, UB04, or Paper Invoice format
  • Provides effective revenue cycle management
  • Enables agencies to send clean claims and reduce collection time & efforts
  • Ability to receive ERN from intermediaries and post payments automatically
  • Ability to identify and manage overdue claims and accounts
  • Create and manage collections activities for each claim and account
  • Provides robust financial reporting and dashboards to analyze financial performance
  • Upload account receivable transactions to accounting software through General Ledger Interface


CV Message Center

  • HIPAA compliant internal messaging application for internal communications
  • Provide one common area to view all communications and alerts
  • Ability to send messages to CareVoyant users, Patients and Employees
  • Send alerts from Scheduling, Events & Alerts, and Report Scheduler to Employee’s and Patient’s Inbox


Family Portal

  • Provide patients and families convenient, secure and HIPAA compliant 24-hour access to Demographic, Schedule and Personal Health Information
  • Improve communication with Patients and Families
  • Ability to link one or more patients to a login
  • Allow patient family ability to send and receive messages through HIPAA compliant CV Secure Messaging


Employee Portal

  • Provides Field Staff a convenient, secure and HIPAA compliant 24-hour access to Schedules, Shift Offers, Available Shifts, and Demographic Information
  • Accessible on any smart phone (iOS, Android)
  • Ability for Field Staff to view Schedules, Demographic Information, and Licenses
  • Provides Field Staff ability to view Shift Offers and Available Shifts before accepting the Offer or Applying for shifts
  • Allows Field Staff to securely communicate with other CareVoyant users or Patients


Events & Alerts

  • Enables proactive detection, notification and management of events & exceptions
  • Examples of Events: New Admission, Patient Discharge, Expiring or Expired Authorizations, Missed Shifts/Visits, etc.
  • Provides data entry alerts through instant Alerts
  • Schedule Events to run at predetermined time



  • Includes robust library of Clinical, Financial, Scheduling, and Census reports to meet reporting requirements
  • Ability to assign reports by User or User Role
  • Enables agencies to schedule reports to run and be delivered to selected users, patients, and field staff
  • Ability to save reports as a PDF, CSV, Excel, TIFF or XML files
  • Provides virtually unlimited reporting options with the ability to modify existing reports ore create new reports



  • Proactively monitor key performance indicators by organizing information charts in one screen
  • Group and assign charts as dashboards by User or User Role
  • Allows agencies to view key metrics in timely manner and take corrective action
  • Ability to create agency defined Dashboards

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