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Delivering a Competitive Advantage for More Efficient Care
CareVoyant solutions integrate clinical, financial and business intelligence functions through an advanced system architecture and an electronic patient and health (EHR) record based on the latest Microsoft technologies. Our solutions work independently as best-of-breed software, or as integrated modules for expanding health care organizations:
Solutions Overview
Superior Value
Multiple Services, One Solution
CareVoyant enables health care organizations to maintain enterprise operations within a single solution and streamline workflow throughout the enterprise utilizing a single patient record. CareVoyant thus eliminates the need to interface multiple clinical and financial applications and maintain multiple technology platforms.

The CareVoyant Advantage
For health care organizations across the post-acute spectrum, CareVoyant configurations satisfy the most demanding clinical documentation, billing and compliance requirements, delivering the following compelling advantages:
  • CareVoyant is a fully integrated clinical, financial and business intelligence solution— with knowledge management and decision support capabilities that empower providers to implement best practices across the enterprise.
  • CareVoyant operates on a single Microsoft SQL Server database, with careful consideration given to where and how data is stored and processed. The design ensures efficient performance in large-scale implementations with high user volumes during peak loads.
  • CareVoyant is an open architecture, highly scalable solution with detailed audit trails and robust reporting, business intelligence and remote user access capabilities.
  • The CareVoyant framework is layered —comprised of modular applications that can be easily added to existing configurations. This enables CareVoyant users to initially implement the core application and later add new functional modules at will.
Your Cloud or Ours
The CareVoyant solution is available two ways: via web, hosted in our secure data center; or, in a self-hosted on-premises private cloud. Cloud-based or network-based. Either way, you enjoy the security and flexibility that gives CareVoyant a competitive advantage.

Secure, Scalable, and Flexible
CareVoyant was designed as an enterprise application, allowing for optimum performance for larger organizations while maintaining flexibility and security. CareVoyant is scalable to grow as you grow. With a structure for your company that allows for unlimited Locations, Facilities, and Programs, CareVoyant can adapt with you to the ever-changing health care environment.

Security features include:
  • Login permissions that can be linked to Active Directory to use Microsoft Windows user management functions.
  • Set up menu and form access rights that are easily configurable by user or user roles
  • The ability to setup a single database for multiple lines of business — or separate databases for each line of business
  • The ability to limit access to users by line of business, location or database
  • HIPAA related audit functions that track user logins and changes

Integration and Interoperability
CareVoyant's flexibility and open architecture allows for integration with many 3rd party solutions, from business intelligence and financial to clinical and high tech. As the solution continues to evolve on the path of a certified EHR, the framework is in place to share clinical data across health care providers, in a HIE exchange environment or through 3rd party solutions for health care

Put it all together and you have best-in-class healthcare management software that adeptly leverages your existing Microsoft enterprise investments.

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